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Abandoned houses on the south shore of Montreal

Abandoned houses on the south shore of Montreal

Anecdotes and stories from the countryside

Montérégie (Quebec), Canada

Abandoned for more modern constructions or left behind to adrift once the occupants died, abandoned houses populate the countryside. Hidden under vegetation who tries to conquer its old territory, sometimes the time prevents explorers from entering into these incredible places by collapsing the foundations or by twisting the walls like old rags.

Few of them will be restored after many years left to themselves. Most of the time, years will turn them down or will be by the owners when municipal councils will be tired to see these building agonize (and visited by kids).

Urbex Playground presents here some of these old beauties located in the Montérégie area, south of Montreal.

Anecdotes and stories you hear only by old folks from the countryside.

The story of Mister Robillard and its pink house

The least we can say about Mr. Robillard was that he was a peculiar person. Robillard with the two L. "Like the angels," he said when it came time to spell his name (in french, the sound L also mean "ailes" - french word for wings). Born with only one arm, he married a woman with only one leg.

His wife died a few years ago and the old man was alone for the first time of his life. Despite everything, despite his disability especially, the man was still proud as a peacock. He had kept the habit of picking the old broken gizmos and most useless things (half broken, of course). His Barns behind the house were real museum in memories of all those old broken transistors, cables of any kind, those old computer parts and this mountain of useless stuff that neither you nor I would like. But Mr. Robillard was the kind of man who loved these things that nobody else wants.

Moreover, condemned to be demolished, they bought, his wife and him, this house there is very long time knowing it had several flaws. "It lacks few pieces, like us, but we like it," he said.

They had done some work here and there (such as a lift for his wife), but most rooms were padlocked. Several locks on every door, by the way. He did that for thieves. He had nothing to steal, but they were old folks and people believe that old folks always have some money hidden somewhere. So, he had been visited by some thugs during his absence and that motivated him to consider such scenarios.

Moreover, his wife and him's life seemed to be turned around a terrible fear of the outside world. From the top of his 70 years old (maybe more, I didn't ask), he did not trust anybody. He never answered the door and if you need to call them, you had to leave a message on the answering machine and then, he call you back a few minutes later.
It was through an advertising for my business placed in a local newspaper that we have meet each other. He phoned me and his voice was so trembling (I had the impression he was drunk). By his singular questions and his strange speech, I was convinced that a friend of mine was joking on the phone. In short, he told me about the old computer he bought from a school and about his project to pay me for some computer lessons. Its goal? Sell ​​old shortwave radios and other items on the web.

Unfortunately, while he had never touched a computer in his life and that the principle of the cursor was looking like an occult science at his eyes, I must admit that I gave up after few lessons, seeing clearly that type of volunteering couldn't help him. Moreover, most of the two hours, were occupied by stories of his youth when he was gas station attendant or freemason... In short, it was more a matter of socialization. I guess I was probably the only person they have seeing for weeks. Sad story.

Today, I do not know if Mr. Robillard is still alive. I haven't seen him for two years. But with the length of the grass and the absence of car traces in its entry during the last winter, I guess that his family probably took the old man under his wing or he went to join his old lady as he said...

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