The abandoned mine of Achada do Gamo

The abandoned mine of Achada do Gamo


Photos by Antonio Delgado Pinto MALATAO


The Negro Community Center

The Negro Community Center


Photos by Étienne Poulin & Jarold Dumouchel


Canadian Pacific Railway Freight Office

Canadian Pacific Railway Freight Office


Photos by Benjamin Forjat


The Brock tunnel, relic of the past

The Brock tunnel, relic of the past


Photos by Benjamin Forjat & Frédéric Ansermoz & Jarold Dumouchel


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The abandoned mine of Achada do Gamo

la mine abandonnée d'Achada do Gamo

São Domingos, (Portugal)

Located in São Domingos (province of Alentejo) south of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, the mine of Achada do Gamo is an abandoned open pit mine. Located in the heart of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, which extends from southern Portugal to Spain, the region...
Façade under a grey sky

CPR Freight Office

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve has been deeply marked by the train, in its development. Even today, it is surrounded by three tracks : the Canadian Pacific to the west, the now abandoned Canadian National to...
The Negro Community Center

the Negro Community Center

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

The origins of the building

Despite the many changes made to the building by the Negro community center, it is clear that the original building was a church. Plans are signed by Sidney Rose Badgley (1850-1917), an architect from Ste....

Monkeys castle

the Monkeys castle

Haute-Normandie, (France)

Listed historical monument, the Monkeys castle is a beautiful mansion built in the seventeenth century. Its name comes from the frescoes on the walls that depict monkeys. It is also known as the Madness Castle and  the Bettor Castle. Located in a...
The abandoned hotel lost in the woods

the abandoned hotel lost in the woods

Located in the north eastern state of the United States, miles away from any village, this old hotel is in poor shape today. Even with a full floor collapsed, its structure has kept its old world charm. Nevertheless, the slightest gust of wind could...
The abandoned castle of Noisy

the abandoned castle of Noisy

Celles, (Belgium)

Located in the town of Celles, in the Namur area in Belgium, the  Miranda castle (or Noisy) is unquestionably one of the most famous Belgian places for urbexers . Built in 1907 (the work has began in 1866), the castle is owned by the Comte...
The almost abandoned Beaver Creek Free Methodist church

the almost abandoned Beaver Creek Free Methodist church

Built in 1895, the Beaver Creek Free Methodist Church is almost abandoned. Even if the church is actually still in use a few weeks of the year, the place is abandoned for the rest of the year. Desolate and alone, it stands in perfect condition with...
The abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

the abandoned Forest Haven Asylum

Laurel, Maryland (United States)

The words are inscribed on a weathered bronze plaque, marking the entryway to the administration building at Forest Haven Asylum. Located in Laurel, Maryland, the Forest Haven Institute was notorious for its poor conditions and abuse of patients. ...
The abandoned boys institute

the abandoned boys institute

Cecil County, Maryland (United States)

Located at the north of Baltimore, this Beaux-Arts influenced Gregorian Revival style by N.Y. architects Boring and Tilton buildings was one of the oldest school of Maryland before its closure in the 90s. The 330 acre campus is constituted of three...
The abandoned Bilbao plant

the abandoned Bilbao plant

Bilbao, Vizcaya (Spain)

In the Basque Country there are several generations who have grown up by drinking milk from the Beyena company, a regional source of pride, well beyond its nutritional values. Every day, hundreds of trucks were leaving the factory located in Bilbao...
The abandoned Babcock & Wilcox plant of Sestao

the abandoned Babcock & Wilcox plant of Sestao

Sestao, Vizcaya (Spain)

The history of the Babcock & Wilcox in the Galindo valley began during the First World War when the difficulties of the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Norte de España will result in the sale of the plant to the Babcock & Wilcox...
The Park lane café

the old and abandoned cannery

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec (Canada)

The place is big, very big. While the building is nearly 200,000 square feet, the site, meanwhile, is over than 430,000 square feet in an agricultural area of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. For those interested, the site is for sale and the current owner...
The abandoned church of Shrewsbury

the abandoned church of Shrewsbury

Gore, Quebec (Canada)

Update (2014-01-14): The Municipality of Gore is offering a $5,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the fire that burned down Shrewsbury Church, on January 13, 2014. Anyone with information regarding to this...
The abandoned public bath - Photo by Keven Lavoie

the abandoned public bath of Montreal

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Built in 1914 at a time when running water was not accessible to all, this public bath located in the Petite-Bourgogne's district (formerly St. Joseph) reflects the desire of the city to provide ​​sanitary installations for its citizens. The bath is...
The abandoned Laurentian military base

the abandoned Laurentian military base

Saint-Adolphe d'Howard, Quebec (Canada)

Closed in 1987, the former Canadian military base located in St-Adolphe-d'Howard began its operations in 1950. Its mission: monitor the airspace in southwestern Quebec and northeastern Ontario. True vestige of the Cold War between the Western bloc...
The abandoned asbestos mine

the abandoned asbestos mine

Thetford Mines, Quebec (Canada)

The history of the Thetford Mines region is closely linked to asbestos located in its womb. It was during the summer of 1876 that a farmer named Joseph Fecteau discovered asbestos in the area. Soon, the secret of his discovery gets out and...

The abandoned Kingston Speedway

the abandoned Kingston Speedway

Kingston, Ontario (Canada)

Built by Rod Cutway in 1951, the Kingston Speedway didn't had any lights and no grandstands when the track first opened.  The first race was held in the fall of 1951, and Tony Blake won the race. Sold two years later, the new owners will erected...

Winter jail

Winter, the abandoned jail

Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada)

We had to find a lot of motivation to hit the road by this icy December morning when the thermometer showed -29 ° C. But the destination was worth it: an abandoned 150 year old prison. Moreover, I've got a special permission for a photo session...

The abandoned leisure park

The abandoned leisure park

Bretagne, (France)

Unknown by the urbexers, this leisure park, also a zoo, is located somewhere in Brittany on a small rural road. Created in the early 1990s, this attraction has unfortunately closed its doors ten years later following a judicial liquidation....

Belchite, a remnant of the Spanish Civil War

Belchite, a remnant of the Spanish Civil War

Belchite, (Spain)

We are in September 1937 in the small village of Belchite located about 50 kilometers from Zaragoza. The Spanish Civil War has been raging for a year already and thousands of Spaniards died. By the end of the conflict in April 1939, they will be...

The abandoned cement factory of Los Santos

the abandoned cement factory of Los Santos

Los Santos, (Spain)

When I was a kid, I often traveled with my parents and my brothers in Los Santos, the village where I was born. Each time when we approached, my father used to say: "Beware, I will give a penny to the first one who will see the smoke of the plant...

Forte de Nossa Senhora da Graça : fortress Our Lady of Grace

the fortress Our Lady of Grace

Elvas, (Portugal)

Located in the parish of Alcazaba about one kilometer from the town of Elvas in Portugal, the fortress Our Lady of Grace, better known by the Portuguese as the Forte de Nossa Senhora da Graça or Forte Conde de Lippe, this is a imposing building...

At the corner of the street

Berri house condemned to be demolished

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Built in 1875 in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville district located in the north of Montreal, Berri house is Second Empire style and has been part of the development of the sector, which began in the late nineteenth century. The city took possession of...

The former Grands Moulins de Paris company

the former Grands Moulins de Paris company

Marquette-Lez-Lille, (France)

Built in 1921 on the left bank of the Deule in Marquette-Lez-Lille (north of the France), the majestic Grands Moulins de Paris's mill is a huge structure adrift waiting for a renaissance that is pending since few decades.

The history of...

The old and abandoned Blachford plant

the old and abandoned Blachford plant

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

From the outside, there is no indication that the plant is abandoned. No window is doomed and there is no "for sale" sign. Even the structure of the building is still in very good condition. Even myself, when I heard about it for the first time,...

The abandoned Blue Bonnets Raceway

the abandoned Blue Bonnets Raceway

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

The saga of the Blue Bonnets racetrack is not about to end. The 2013 election of the city of Montreal was made in part with the huge eco-friendly residential project that politicians want to implant on the former racetrack site. Despite the fact...

Former Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

the former Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Morristown, New Jersey (United States)

Originally opened on August 17, 1876 for a cost of $146,00, the hospital was known as the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum at Morristown. The asylum officially received the familiar Greystone Park name in 1924. Initial fees were $3.50 per week for...

The old Terken brewery

the old Terken brewery

Roubaix, (France)

Destroyed in 2004, the Terken brewery was a huge industrial complex of more than four hectares. Located in the Union area in Roubaix, near Lille, the factory was, at one time, a symbol of "close symbiosis" between the company and its community...

Former coastal patrols, convoy protection and submarine hunting

the former coastal patrols and submarine hunting

Saint-Hubert, Quebec (Canada)

Conceived in the mid-30s, the Catalina is a seaplane and a patrol bomber, created by the U.S. company Consolidated. More than 4,000 copies were built in United States, but also in Canada and in USSR. In Canada, they were built by Canadian Vickers...

The former Abbey of Our-Lady-of-Good-Council

the former Abbey of Our-Lady-of-Good-Council

Saint-Romual, Quebec (Canada)

Abandoned since 2002, the huge complex that has formed the abbay of Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil in Saint-Romuald is now completely destroyed. Vandalized and burned several times, its owner, the Ultramar refinery, had no choice and have razed the...

Wyndcliffe, the abandoned mansion

Wyndcliffe, the abandoned mansion

Rhinebeck, New York (United States)

Wyndcliffe is the ruin of a historic mansion near Rhinebeck in Dutchess County, New York. The records at the Library of Congress state that the brick mansion was originally named Rhinecliff and Constructed in 1853 in the Norman style. The design...