The abandoned university residence

The abandoned university residence


Photos by Jarold Dumouchel


The old provincial jail

The old provincial jail


Photos by Jarold Dumouchel


The abandoned power plant

The abandoned power plant


Photos by Jarold Dumouchel


The train cemetery in Uyuni, Bolivia

The train cemetery in Uyuni, Bolivia


Photos by Nadine Martin


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The abandoned university residence

the abandoned university residence

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Closed in 1981 following a fire that severely damaged, this former residence for men is now closed. Ironically, the fire occurred just few hours after the rector announcement of an investment of $ 200,000 to improve safety in residences whose...
The old provincial jail

the old provincial jail

Eastern Townships, Quebec (Canada)

Many mysteries surround this old abandoned building where prison traces are practically nonexistent today. In a city where people are more interested in historic buildings instead of ugly concrete...
The abandoned power plant

the abandoned power plant

Montérégie, Quebec (Canada)

Its architecture reminds of the old ramparts of Quebec instead the image to which one is accustomed to power plants.

Yet it is part of this canadian architectural style of the late nineteenth and much of the twentieth century. One of the...

The train cemetery in Uyuni, Bolivia

the train cemetery in Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni, (Bolivia)

It is at Uyuni, a small town of just over 10,000 inhabitants located more than 3,670 meters above sea level that can be found one of the most famous train cemetery. Well, we must also say that the world's largest salty desert is located in Uyuni :...
The abandoned theater

the abandoned theater

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

This is the story of a rehabilitation project who won't die. A long path of a non-profit organization that has been fighting for three years to find the funds for the renovation of a theater that is part of the cultural landscape of Montreal since...
The old abandoned asbestos mine

the old abandoned asbestos mine

Région des Appalaches, Quebec (Canada)

The use of asbestos by man does not date from yesterday. Already, more than 2000 years ago, the Greeks used in making funeral clothes. Its name comes from its property to withstand fire: άσβεστος (asbestos, meaning "indestructible"). Its many...
The drift of the concrete church

the drift of the concrete church

South short of Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

We must go back to 2014 to find the last traces of the religious ceremony in the church. Since then, virtually nothing has changed between its walls. Despite minimal maintenance, the cobwebs began to appear here and there between furniture and fake...
The Hipster abandoned hotel

the Hipster abandoned hotel

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Built in 1976, it doesn't remains that much inside this former hotel of 148 rooms. In fact, apart from the concrete structure and graffiti, there are only industrial wastes. The building has 18 floors and looks like an old white elephant amidst a...
The Catacombs of Paris

the Catacombs of Paris

Paris, (France)

No, this is not urbex, it is a € 10 visit at the museum. But it still remains one of the most unusual places that can be visited in Paris. The tour begins at the Place Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th arrondissement. In fact, with a two hours line, the...
The abandoned assembly line

the abandoned assembly line

Mauricie, Quebec (Canada)

Cynically, we could almost say that the factory is as large as the village in which it is located. You should know that we are far away in the countryside, it that kind of place where everybody know each other by his first name. At first glance,...
The Ogilvie widow's abandoned mansion

the Ogilvie widow's abandoned mansion

Laurentides, Quebec (Canada)

Built in 1923 by Helen Johnston, widow of William Watson Ogilvie, the mansion has all the required elements by the old bourgeoisie. It must be said that her husband, William W. Ogilvie had made a fortune in the grain trade, and at his death in 1900...
The locust hotel

the locust hotel

North of Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

First, let me confirm that the hotel is not infected by any beast. To prevent vandalism, I will not mention its real name and its location, preferring instead to append his nickname in tribute to the many battery smoke detectors who are bipping to...
The abandoned music studio

the abandoned music studio

North of Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Built by record producer Andre Perry in the early 70s, Le Studio is a real monument in the history of music. Located in the Laurentian mountains, an hour and a half north of Montreal , the site was a huge recording facility, featuring the most...
The old abandoned gymnastics club

the old abandoned gymnastics club

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Abandoned in June 2014, the old movie theater had only a few decorative elements including the ceiling and its front to recall the original purpose of the building. It must be said that once closed in 1982, the intern architecture has been...
The Dr Küss abandoned hospital

the Dr Küss abandoned hospital

Nord du pays, (France)

We are a few months away from the twentieth century. Tuberculosis remains a scourge that we can't control or even contain. The sanatorium which opened in 1899 has two missions. If the first is to treat patients, the second aims to focus on research...
The old abandoned cinema

the old abandoned cinema

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

No, this movie theatre does not bear this name, but you will allow me this nod to Giuseppe Tornatore's film that chronicles the history of cinema from its beginnings to today. Since the place has not suffered the wrath of vandalism and because...

The old military building

the old military building

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

We are in 1943 and the war already raging for four years. While the old continent is fighting against Nazism, distant colonies and dominions are subject to the war effort. In Canada, the federal government completes the construction in Montreal...

The old chapel

the domain of the Scottish Fathers

Great Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

The history of this domain is taking root in the nineteenth century, when the industrial in Canada are mostly English or Scottish men. At that time, French-Canadian people, who form the majority of the population do not participate in...

Spexel, the Beauharnois abandoned plant

the Beauharnois abandoned plant

Beauharnois, Quebec (Canada)

It's over 92 years of industrial history that ended in 2004 when the Spexel factory was closed down. The story of this plant start in 1912 when is built the paper mill, which took the name of Howard Smith Paper Mill. Over the following years, the...

The gramophone's house

the gramophone's house

Montérégie, Quebec (Canada)

Don't even try to find this house, you won't find it. In fact, if I know that place, it's primarily because I know the owner. From the outside, nothing seems abandoned. Despite the venerable age of the house, no clue suggest that the place is no...

Poor destiny for the Pagé School

the Pagé School

Montérégie, Quebec (Canada)

When I was a kid, there was something mysterious to me about this place. I lived nearly twenty years in this village and I had visited this school only once when I was seven or eight years old. Built in the 1950s, it was a school for around...

The Hennocque quarry, a dark and moist experience

the Hennocque quarry

Île-de-France, (France)

Located in the Ile-de-France, the Hennocque quarry is a place that was marked by history with a capital H. While chalk quarries were developed in the region from the Gallo-Roman period, the Hennocque quarry has started its activity in the...

Florist's camouflage

Jules d'Alcantara Fleuriste

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

The origins

Like all good stories, d'Alcantara's begins with «once upon a time»... A Belgian aristocrat of Spanish origin, Count Carlos d'Alcantara, is madly in love with a beautiful French ballerina. His parents view this...

The abandoned orphanage

the abandoned orphanage

North of the country, (France)

Completed in 1883 and funded by a local industrialist, this orphanage for boys has been built during a era marked by poverty and many children abandoned and left to their own end. Launched in 1875, the project was intended as a gift to the city...

Abandoned houses in the Beauce area - Photo by Sous l'oeil de Sylvie

the abandoned houses in the Beauce area

Beauce, Quebec (Canada)

Abandoned for more modern constructions or left behind to adrift once the occupants died, abandoned houses populate the countryside. Hidden under vegetation who tries to conquer its old territory, sometimes the time prevents explorers from...

The boar Castle

the boar Castle

North of the country, (France)

His nickname is coming from the stuffed boar's head that adorns the entrance to the castle. Real little jewel of northern France, the secrecy surrounding its location still preserves the vandals who have already done so much damage elsewhere....

The abandoned Hermes Paper Factory/Recycling Center

the abandoned Hermes Paper Factory/Recycling Center

Düsseldorf, (Germany)

Normally on Easter Sunday one spends time his or her family, however on this particular Easter a friend and I decided to wake up early and do some Urban Exploration.

What is great about living in Germany is that there are several abandoned...

The Gray Rocks abandoned hotel - Photo by Pierre Bourgault

the Gray Rocks abandoned hotel

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec (Canada)

Let's be honest, the Gray Rocks resort was doomed to death face to the millions of dollars of investment made in the tourist resort of Mont-Tremblant, located a few kilometers away. The 103 years old hotel and its meager resources did not allow...


The building on Marien Street

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

Everything except mattresses

When we went on Marien street, we expected to find a mattresses factory, damaged by fire in December 2011 and left abandoned ever since. As evidenced by the huge sign «Matelas» and the plaque...

Author and date unknown

Le Restaurant Chez Clo

Montréal, Quebec (Canada)

The beginnings

What began in the late 1980s as a convenience store with a small corner restaurant has become an institution when it comes to catering  in the neighborhood. Clo got up every morning at 4:00 to take care of...

The abandoned mine of Achada do Gamo

la mine abandonnée d'Achada do Gamo

São Domingos, (Portugal)

Located in São Domingos (province of Alentejo) south of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, the mine of Achada do Gamo is an abandoned open pit mine. Located in the heart of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, which extends from southern Portugal to Spain, the...