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March 2013

Check out the archives for this month. At Urbex Playground we love to discover new website and other stuffs about urban and rural exploration. So feel free to share with us your project or any website abour urbex or rurex.

Urbex Playground visit the former military base of Saint-Hubert

Peeling walls
© 2013 Jarold Dumouchel - All rights reserved

With its military past, the Saint-Hubert airport is today a little airport. Take a look at the pictures we made in the abandoned military base.

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Urbex Playground at the Redpath Mansion

Redpath Mansion
© 2013 Frédéric Ansermoz - All rights reserved

This is the story of a strange place. At three times, the owner has tried to demolish the house to build a tower and at three times, the building has been saved.

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