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February 2013

Check out the archives for this month. At Urbex Playground we love to discover new website and other stuffs about urban and rural exploration. So feel free to share with us your project or any website abour urbex or rurex.

Urban exploration at the Belding Corticelli abandoned plant

Belding Corticelli abandoned plant
© 2013 Jarold Dumouchel - All rights reserved

We went for a walk in the Coaticook region for a second time. Our goal? Have a look at the old factory in Belding Corticelli before it was converted into a hotel this spring.

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Urbex Playground has new friends

Urbex Playground is pleased to welcome two new photographers from United States: Melissa Maresca from Fractured Porcelain Photography and Diane Landro. Take a look at their pictures available on Urbex Playground. If you'd like to join the site as a contributor, feel free to refer to the "Contribute" section for all the details.