Miranda cemetery on the 3rd concession road - Fadden Corner (Noyan)

Old country cemeteries

Old country cemeteries

I see dead people

Montérégie (Quebec), Canada

While Catholics generally have the habit of placing their cemeteries behind the churches, this rule is often not respected among Anglicans who put their cemetery at the corner of a country road or in the middle of a pasture.

Many of these cemeteries are family cemeteries, a long tradition in France in the late seventeenth century, when Protestant burials were prohibited in Catholic cemeteries. I do not know if this tradition in Canada of the last centuries has taken root in England for the same reasons, but the English traditions differ greatly from those of their French-Canadian neighbors. However, for families, it is reassuring to have closer to them the loved ones instead of burying them in the cities of the dead.

In several regions of Quebec, formerly populated by Loyalists and other British subjects, we find these Anglicans cemeteries who are now poorly maintained, lack of means. Most of the time, these are a handful of citizens who maintain the cemeteries for free by cutting the lawn and repairing the broken headstones. Attached to their cemeteries where their ancestors are buried, they get, unfortunately, very little help from their congregations who already have a lot of money problems with their churches who are getting empty and all the needed renovations.

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