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December 2012

Check out the archives for this month. At Urbex Playground we love to discover new website and other stuffs about urban and rural exploration. So feel free to share with us your project or any website abour urbex or rurex.

Paul's Junkyard

Paul's JunkyardBoxy But Safe ::::: Circa 1990 Volvo Wagon
© 2012 www.lostamerica.com - All rights reserved.

Great pictures taken in an junkyard. The light is so perfect! Must use as inspiration!

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Dadipark, the abandoned amusement park

Dadipark, the abandoned amusement parkDadipark, the abandoned amusement park
© 2012 www.unebelge-unfrancais.com - All rights reserved.

Oldest amusement park in Belgium, Dadipark is abandoned for several years. Take a look at this urban exploration of a couple of a French and a Belgian.

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Gunkanjima, the abandoned island in Nagasaki, Japan

An Huge Abandoned Island
© 2012 www.haikyo.org - All rights reserved.

The island was populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility. The island's most notable features are the abandoned and undisturbed concrete apartment buildings and the surrounding sea wall.

In the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall, the island served as an inspiration for the lair of villain Raoul Silva but filming did not take place on the island itself.

More pictures from Jordy Meow

Sarajevo : Winter Olympics 1984

Concrete Angles
© 2012 darkoptics.net - All rights reserved.

In 1984, the world wide was at Sarajevo for the Olympic Games. But today, competition sites are now abandoned. Take a look at this urban (or rural) exploration by Darren Nisbett.

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Detroit, the urbex nation

© 2012 detroiturbex.com - All rights reserved.

Detroit lost in the last 50 years more that one million citizens. Results: while other American cities have experienced similar declines in population and industry, few have seen it on such a vast scale as Detroit has.

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Camp Cthulhu, Russia

Bizarre sculptures of deep sea creatures
© 2012 Talkurbex.com - All rights reserved.

Abandoned in the 1980s, the site has been founded in 1922 by Lenin. It was a youth camp which offred educational holidays for kid. For the most part the program was used as a way to fill young, impressionable heads with communist ideologies, and by the 1970s there were more than 40,000 Young Pioneer Camps scattered across the USSR.

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Asylum from Drew Geraci on Vimeo.

Amazing work from @TheVoder. Opened in the early 1920s, the Asylum closed down and was abandoned decades ago. Rooms remain untouched – left as they were when the last of the employees departed. These buildings stand as a testament to the horrors and mistreatment that patients had to endure during the time of its operation.

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