The photographers

The photographers


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The photographers

Faxx Kò's picture

Faxx Kò

Lovers of words and images, Faxx Kò share their discoveries of unsuspected poetries.

Ratimir Knezevic's picture

Ratimir Knežević

Living in Croatia, Ratimir Knežević is a 46 years old photographer. His playground? People's attitudes towards nature and people's attitude towards other people.

Jessica Devnani's picture

Jessica Devnani

Jessica is a travel photographer and videographer originally from Toronto, Canada. She has set foot on 6 different continents and her camera has accompanied her every step of the way.

Eve-Marie Roy's picture

Eve-Marie Roy

Passionated by the rural heritage, Eve-Marie travel through country roads, looking for subjects for her lens.

Nadine Martin's picture

Nadine Martin

Amateur Photographer, Nadine Martin loves travelling around the world and have found in photography the perfect tool to express the beauty of the world.

Emile Gauthier's picture

Emile Gauthier

Emile Gauthier is a Montreal based street photographer, electronic musician and DJ. He finds beauty in the chaos of the streets, in strange locations and in people he spontaneously meets. His first notable works include a visit at the legendary abandoned Studio available here.

AV-Voices's picture


As a recently urbexer, Florian is a film maker and a photography lover. Born in the Charente, he is now living in Paris.

Jarold Dumouchel's picture

Jarold Dumouchel

Jarold is an urbexer since 2004. Almost half of the sites he visited have been razed, burned or renovated. On a professional level, he is a senior websites developer.

Roms's picture


Photographer and graphist, Roms, 28 years old, lives in Paris. Urbex lover, he was assistant to several photographers before starting on his own in 2013.

Sous l'Oeil de Sylvie's picture

Sous l'Oeil de Sylvie

Known as "Under the Eye of Sylvie," Sylvie is passionate by photography and learn by herself since 2007. She lives in Beauce and likes to get out of her comfort zone to explore her creativy and her artist side. She uses Pentak bodies and a small Pentax G11 converted to IR.

Kenneth Shinabery's picture

Kenneth Shinabery

Illustrator and Art Director in Dusseldorf in Germany, Kenneth Shinabery is coming from New York. Discovering forgotten places via Urban Exploration for me is like unearthing a "Lost Playground", he said.

Erwan Gavelle's picture

Erwan Gavelle

Recently moved in Quebec, Erwan Gavelle is passionnate by photography and urbex. From France to USA and Belgium, he prefers the locations loaded of history like castles, mansion and houses.

Kendrah Eff's picture

Kendrah Eff

Ontario based, Kendrah is a Urban Explorer, a zombie fanatic and a blog artist. She is been Exploring, documenting, and photographing abandonment since late 2012. Urbex is her specialty, everything else is for fun.

Ibai Cabrero Aransay's picture

Ibai Cabrero Aransay

Born in the Basque Country, Ibai Cabrero Aransay is a amateur photographer from Bilbao. His work is oriented to a metaphoric view, a little piece of history or any picture with something more than beauty.

Pierre Bourgault's picture

Pierre Bourgault

Full time professional freelance photographer who lives to capture the moment. Often waiting for the right time and the right light, he prefers capturing real emotions as they happen, whether it be a live show, a wedding or a family on an outing in the city. He is usually found shooting live bands in major venues around Montreal, he also has...

Le soldat inconnu's picture

Le soldat inconnu

The Soldat inconnu is a group of passionates about the image. Although all subjects are conducive to photograph, they have a marked preference for abandoned places because they have an history. Accomplices in life and behind the camera, the urbex is an important part of their photographic activity. From shooting to post-production, they have a...

Clement Delarue's picture

Clément Delarue

Living in St-Malo, France, Clement is a professionnal photographer who shot wedding and sports.

David Ouellette's picture

David Ouellette

Québec photographer, David was 13 years old when he first started shooting pictures and printing in his high school's darkroom. At 24 when all his photography gear was stolen, he will have to wait more than 20 years before reigniting his passion for photography.

Antonio Delgado Pinto MALATAO's picture

Antonio Delgado Pinto “MALATAO”

Antonio Delgado Pinto “MALATAO” lives in the south of Spain (Huelva). He works as a music teacher in a elementary school and he is also a musician for the Arca de Buey band. As a non-professional photographer, his playground cover south of Spain and also Portugual.

Clément Vynckier's picture

Clément Vynckier

Living in Lille in the north of France, Clément is a teacher who loves photography.

El Intruso's picture

El Intruso

Part art director, part amateur photographer but all urban explorer, El Intruso has been part of the urbex scene for several years. Residing somewhere in the Northeast United States, he can most often be found shooting asylums, prisons, industrial sites, and anywhere there is beauty to be found in decay.

Marie Bonvoisin's picture

Marie Bonvoisin

Living in Lille in the north of France, Marie is a teacher who loves photography.

Louis 79's picture

Louis Seventy-nine

Graphic designer and professional studio photographer, Louis 79 loves these artistic photos when trash mets Art. He never photoshope his pictures, it is a purist and an argentic lover.

Melissa Maresca's picture

Melissa Maresca

Known as Fractured Porcelain Photography

Melissa is a photographer from Poughkeepsie, NY.

Diane Landro's picture

Diane Landro

Recently moved back in Beacon, Diane Landro is a photographer from Dutchess County, New York.

Frédéric Ansermoz's picture

Frédéric Ansermoz

Photographer / Explorer

Started digital photography as a leisure activity in 2001, Frédéric specializes himself in wildlife, nature and abandoned places photography. On a professional level, it is a Senior website developer with extensive knowledge of web and mobile technologies.

Julien April's picture

Julien April

Musician in the group Tuke, Julien April went visited the abandoned plant in St-Hubert to create the cover of "Voluptatem", the next album of the band. He have a Nikon D50 and a Fujifilm Finepix AX500.

Célia Roure's picture

Célia Roure

Photographer born in France, Célia Roure is now living in Montreal.

Guy Hamelin

Born in the Monteregie area, Guy Hamelin is a photographer who now lives in the Quebec area.

Sam Morley

Sam Morley is a teacher on the South Shore of Quebec, whose love of exploring abandoned places comes from her geography and history background.

Thomas Lattelais

Urbex photographer since 2009, Thomas Lattelais has a passion for medical and industrial places. Preferring to work in black and white for some time, he practices his art in the north of France.