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January 2013

Check out the archives for this month. At Urbex Playground we love to discover new website and other stuffs about urban and rural exploration. So feel free to share with us your project or any website abour urbex or rurex.

The 5 Beekman Street, New York

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Urbex Art - Must see!

Chatillon R.I.P.
© 2013 urbex-art - All rights reserved

Nice urbex website with a lot of great pictures to see. Only one personal dislike: Adobe Flash! I hate flash, but this is personal!

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The Villa Sint-Marie

Villa Sint Marie
© 2013 Urbex.nl - All rights reserved

The story about this villa is a rather sad story. The villa belonged to a very religious and catholic family. But something went very wrong when the young widow that was living in Sint Marie started a secret relation with the local pastor. The woman got pregnant and the unwanted child was thrown in the cesspool. The woman was arrested on grounds of capital murder and thrown in jail in 1960. The house was abandoned on 12 august 1976, the newspaper of that day still lies on the table. The house was untouched for all those years.

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The Brisbane undergroud

Brisbane underground
© 2013 Sleepy City - All rights reserved

Exploring Aquacave, Burford's Batcave and Toadie with lighting sources, angles and styles. Great pictures!

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Stonewall Jackson School, Concord - North Carolina

Stonewall Jackson School
© 2013 American Urbex - All rights reserved

Located in Concord, North Carolina (USA), the Stonewall Jackson School is abandoned for many years. Guys from American Urbex made a very good job to show and tell the story of the place.

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The Scary Building 25

The Scary Building 25
© 2013 Forbidden places.net - All rights reserved

Abandoned hospitals are probably the greatest places to visit. Take a look at the pictures taken by the Forbidden Places team somewhere in New York state.

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Urban exploration by Dominique Hermier

The château Bruyant
© 2013 Dominique Hermier - All rights reserved

Excellent urban explorations by Dominique Hermier. Castles, factories and others abandoned structure are his playground.

Learn more about Dominique Hermier

Chernobyl & Pripyat: radioactive cities

© 2013 Urban X - All rights reserved

It was in 1986 in Ukraine, USSR: the disaster has put Chernobyl and Pripyat on the map, the radioactive map. And then, what happen? Well, today, there are a lot of tourists who come in Pripyat (located at 3 km from Chernobyl), a former 45,000 habitants city to explore this particular area. Check out the Urban X exploration to see the pictures they took during their trips over there...

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These littles things who make great photographers

Alessandro SiccoAlessandrosicco.com
© 2013 Alessandro Sicco - All rights reserved

Great work from Alessandro Sicco on these details from urban explorations. Sorted by theme (things, colors, perperstives, etc), the site present a lot of awesome shots.

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Monkeys castle

Monkeys castle
© 2012 Matthieu Pegard - All rights reserved.

Visited by Matthieu Pegard, this castle is abandoned since few years. It is located in a small town, somewhere in Western Europe.

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