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April 2013

Check out the archives for this month. At Urbex Playground we love to discover new website and other stuffs about urban and rural exploration. So feel free to share with us your project or any website abour urbex or rurex.

Chernobyl after the apocalypse

Chernobyl after the apocalypse
© 2013 www.dailymail.co.uk - All rights reserved

Great photo session in Chernobyl by Hélène Veilleux on the MailOnline website.

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Gutenberg house

Gewerbehaus Gutenberg
© 2013 gruftfoto.moonlightevent.com - All rights reserved

Nice HDR photos.

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The Cabinet of Dr. Anna

The Cabinet of Dr. Anna
© 2013 UrbanPixels.co.uk - All rights reserved

Great exploration in the former cabinet of Dr. Anna in Germany.

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Day of the Dead

UK Saint Mary's Church
© 2013 Day of the dead - All rights reserved

Great urban and rural exploration blog from UK. Exploration from all around Europe.

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Ben Schreck photography

Urbex Dining Room
© 2013 Ben Schreck - All rights reserved

German explorer with a pretty good eye for the urbex and rurex atmosphere.

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