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I'm talking about urbex at CBC

C'est fou la ville

As part of the radio show C'est fou la ville animated by Jean-Philippe Pleau and Serge Bouchard broadcasted August 10, 2013, the reporter Benoit Poirier interviewed me about my passion for urbex.

Listen the interview on CBC website (french)

Beach & urbex: Abandoned resort in Caribbean

Abandoned resort in Caribbean
© 2013 leblogdestendances.fr - All rights reserved

It was to be a luxury hotel called the Dellis Cay hotel but it has been a victim of the financial crisis and was stopped dead. Its construction was started in 2008 but was quickly stopped because the developers lacked the money to complete the project. Result: a series of unfinished concrete buildings, all on a stunning white sand beach, on a secluded island only accessible by boat.

Read more on leblogdestendances.fr

A Heaven School for Statues

A Heaven School for Statues
© 2013 Tomboy Urbex.com - All rights reserved

Located in Okayama Prefecture in Japan, this school become a statue factury. Today, it's abandoned.

Read more on tomboy-urbex.com

Chernobyl after the apocalypse

Chernobyl after the apocalypse
© 2013 www.dailymail.co.uk - All rights reserved

Great photo session in Chernobyl by Hélène Veilleux on the MailOnline website.

Read more on dailymail.co.uk

Gutenberg house

Gewerbehaus Gutenberg
© 2013 gruftfoto.moonlightevent.com - All rights reserved

Nice HDR photos.

Read more on gruftfoto.moonlightevent.com

The Cabinet of Dr. Anna

The Cabinet of Dr. Anna
© 2013 UrbanPixels.co.uk - All rights reserved

Great exploration in the former cabinet of Dr. Anna in Germany.

Read more on UrbanPixels.co.uk

Day of the Dead

UK Saint Mary's Church
© 2013 Day of the dead - All rights reserved

Great urban and rural exploration blog from UK. Exploration from all around Europe.

Read more on Day of the Dead

Ben Schreck photography

Urbex Dining Room
© 2013 Ben Schreck - All rights reserved

German explorer with a pretty good eye for the urbex and rurex atmosphere.

Read more on Ben Schreck's website

Secret WWII bunker in Paris built under the Gare de l’Est revealed

Secret WWII bunker in Paris built under the Gare de l’Est revealed
© 2013 Neverends photographie - All rights reserved

The bombing shelters were built under the Gare de l'Est in Paris. Completed during the occupation of Paris during the Second World War, its structure is made of concrete and it's 120 meters square.

Read the full story on Neverends Photographie

The Buzludzha Monument

Buzludzha Monument
© 2013 Veselin Bonev - All rights reserved

This peak-topping cement structure resides in the mountains of Bulgaria: the Buzludzha Monument. It served as a landmark glorifying the Bulgarian Communist Party from 1981 to 1989 and fell into disrepair due to abandonment from Bulgaria's transition to democracy.

More pictures on Flickr

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